Amelia Family Fishing Charters - Amelia Island, FL
Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How many people can your boat hold?  Can we split the charter with another group?
A:  Whether you’re fishing or watching, the maximum number of passengers I’m licensed to take is six.  I only take private groups.

Q:  Do we need to buy a fishing license?
A:  No.  I purchase an annual fishing license for the state waters of Florida and Georgia.  This license covers everyone fishing on my boat.

What should we bring?
A: Anything that you want to eat or drink, sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, maybe a hat.  There will be a large cooler with clean ice on the boat for you.  Seasonal clothing; note it is usually cooler on the boat than land.

What about if the seas are rough or the weather is bad?
A:  If it is too rough or raining, I don’t want to go either, sometimes if it is just windy, we can fish behind the islands and still catch very nice fish.

What if I get seasick?
A:  When I was young, I used to get seasick and I know what that feels like.  If you even think that you’re starting to feel bad, just let me know and I will get us in to calm water as quick as possible.

Amelia Family Fishing Charters Catching Fish FAQ
  Is there a mate, do we tip you?
A:  I have my boat set up so I can operate and fish single handedly.  I think it makes the trip more personal.  Gratuity is greatly appreciated, but not expected.

What if we have more than six people wanting to go fishing?
A:  I have a couple of options.  You can split a 6-hour charter; half go out first 3 hours, then we come in and the other half go out the last 3 hours.  Or I can always get another captain or two to meet us at my dock and we will all head out fishing at the same time.

  Do you offer gift certificates?
A:  Yes.  You can purchase with a mailed check or call me with a credit card.  I will mail the certificate to whatever address you prefer.  Another awesome gift is getting that special fish mounted.  Just let me know.

Where do we meet to begin our fishing charter?
A:  The “Miss Kayla” is docked at Egan’s Creek Marina, 1620 North 14th Street.  I also pick up charters at Fernandina Harbor Marina, St. Mary’s dock, and the Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island.

  How long of a charter should we book?
A:  Most families book 4-hour charters the first time fishing with me.


Q:  How are your charters different from the other charter boats?
A:  I like for people to feel like they can relax with me and with my boat.  I’m not like those guys on TV who like to hear themselves talk.  I am here for you, to help you anyway I can while we are fishing.  Come and see why most of the families that fish with me have been with me before.